Key Decision Maker Questions

Getting the core right: Sales, Execution and Capital

Applying analytics and organizational discipline in Market Planning & OPEX (Operations Execution)

  • Do we have clear opportunity gaps?

  • What can we do better?

  • Can we help grow our customers' businesses?

  • Are we competing effectively?

  • Can we be more productive?

  • How do we goal set and better hold our people accountable?

  • Are we building for tomorrow?

  • Should we be pursuing acquisitions or partnerships?  

Do you have better detailed plans for the annual family vacation than you do for managing your forward business and its operations?


Vacations are fun, relaxing and there is always someone to help wade through the options. But, most of the time, when it comes to business planning, it's built on uncertainty in the market, stale numbers based on "our numbers last period" or an unending quest to constantly cost spending; which, in the end, makes the entire organization dread the entire planning process.

But, if you plan right, it doesn't have to be so dreadful. In fact, business strategy, planning and operations execution (OPEX) can be just as simple as planning and going on that exciting vacation, if you employ the right tools, right disciplines and get the right guidance. 

The Willmoss Company helps stagnant companies retool and start-ups focus on developing a solid core fundamental from the outset.  If your need is a strategic review, forecasting, product analysis, business planning, KPI management or full-blown strategic or operational reorganizations, we bring actionable research and analytics to bear.

It all begins with measuring the right things; analyzing markets/segments/customers, revisiting how and why prior plans were developed and executed. And then, overlaying the organizational enablers of people, communication structures, systems and culture then looking for operational gaps to begin transforming your organization methodically to analyze, plan, score and attack the market with well targeted sales, marketing and operational tactics.

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